Heli Rafting on the Kicking Horse River!!

Floating down the Kicking Horse River offers quite the view. Surrounded by the mountains, a trip on the water offers a rather unique perspective of the Canadian Rockies.

Ask any members of our staff and they will rave about the stunning scenery that you will experience when rafting down the river.

But how about seeing those breathtaking silent peaks from above?

Our Favourite Adventures

We love to live an adventure, which is why the majority of us here at Glacier Raft spend a lot of our time chasing them. From kayaking different rivers overseas to hiking through the wilderness, we continuously find ourselves spending seasons exploring new terrain and experiencing new cultures.

Even though the reasons we seek out the destinations we do may be vastly different, they all seem to have something in common: they have a way of pushing us out of our comfort zone.

5 Best Mountain Bike Trails in Golden, B.C.

Paddling down the Kicking Horse River is clearly our specialty. And although we love the river and the thrill white water provides, we here at Glacier adore the many activities that come along with living in a mountain town.

Our amazing location in the heart of the Rockies has led Golden to become a leading destination for one adventure activity that leaves you breathless and excited to hit the trails!