Our Funniest River Experiences

We love to laugh. And there is no better place to do it than on the water.

River culture itself tends to bring on the humour. Through pranks, jokes and all-around funny experiences while running rapids on the river, there sure are a lot of laughs shared between the team every day.


Favourite Parts of our Day!

We are a tight crew here at Glacier. Like one of our crew members said, “we really are a family here.”

And it’s true.

Our seasons are short, but they are intense. We really do spend an inordinate amount of time together.

From the drivers to the office, everyone here at Glacier Raft Company plays an important role in ensuring all our guests are out having a great day on the river. Each one of us has certain responsibilities that force us to live out different parts of the day. So, inevitably, we all have features of the day we enjoy more than others.

4 Free (or cheap) Campsites in and around Golden, B.C.

From all the excursions that you want to experience, the places you want to see and the people you may want to meet along the way, there are many variables that come together to ensure an unforgettable journey. And where you sleep at night can make or break your memories from a trip.

That is why the staff here at Glacier Raft Company have compiled a list of our favourite free (that’s right!) campsites near our lovely mountain town that we have all tested and tried ourselves, so you don’t have to!