Golden rules.

The town even has it written down as one of it's mottos. Now we are a bit biased here, but it really is an awesome little place.


Time and time again, Golden, British Columbia has captured our hearts in it's ability to reveal to us how a communal love for the mountains inspires an abundance of lasting memories.

Even though many of our staff members venture away from the cold every year, there are many who choose to remain and experience the joy of the snow.

From skiing in the region's backcountry to shredding down Kicking Horse Mountain to dining at Canada's most elevated restaurant, it really is worth noting that adventure in this town extends far beyond one season.

But the summer...

Ahh, the summer. THIS is the time we thrive. Aside from being on the water every day, the Glacier team is looking forward to the spring, a time that boasts a plethora of outdoor activities, all of which await us once the days lengthen and the snowy peaks of those mountains slowly start to melt away.

Take mountain biking, for instance. Hop on a bike in town, and in mere minutes you're riding up trails that spiral through the forest along the edge of a cliff.

Biking Keystone Trail with lots of wildflowers

Biking the Keystone Trail surrounded by alpine flowers

But remember... what goes up, must come down. And this might just be what appeals most to mountain bikers. For Glacier's co-owner Carmen, it's the thrill of the escape that gives her the drive to ride through Golden's diverse trail system every year.

"I'm soooo excited for mountain biking! It's such a great escape; it's a way to be in the forest with no one else around.

Plus, I love the challenge that comes along with it, and also seeing myself improve. It's a ton of fun, and great exercise too!"

But for those seeking a more-relaxed thrill, hiking is the way to go. And you can find some of the best hikes in the Rockies within a couple hours of town. This is one springtime activity that Glacier's co-owner and raft guide Ryan is most looking forward to once snowboarding season resides.

Hiking and camping at Holt Lakes near Golden, B.C.

Hiking and camping at the beautiful Holt Lakes near Golden, B.C.

"The smell of the forest and the fresh air... It's the best part about hiking. I'm particularly looking forward to hikes in Yoho National Park, and any year you can hike the Mummery Glacier is a good summer."

Check out the 5 Best Hikes Near Golden, B.C. for some more ideas if you're interested.

While Ryan adores the smell of the forest, raft guide Kris King enjoys the beers to be had once his final destination has been reached -particularly at sunset at the top of Mount 7, a famed peak in Golden named after a period of time in the spring (a mere few weeks) in which the snow resembles the number seven (although you CAN cheat and drive up to the viewpoint too).

Hiking up to ski Mount 7 in Golden, BC

The Glacier Crew and friends hiking up to Mount 7 in the spring

Kris is also happy to relax by the Columbia River with his fishing rod, since this mellow hobby can be done right in town itself.

But like any home, it is the family that makes it so special. That's what staff member Laura is most excited about this spring - reuniting with a community that continuously returns each year to make it one to remember.

Sea kayaking near Vancouver Island

The Glacier Crew having fun and happy to be together!

So come and visit this lovely little town anytime this season. We promise it won't disappoint. It's a place where biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, paragliding, ATV'ing, horseback riding, skydiving and trail running all collide.

Oh, and we've heard the rafting is pretty good there too 😉

Cheers, from the Glacier family!