Many reasons have led us to spend our seasons hiding away in a small mountain town. Whether it’s the location or the people, we all choose to live in Golden, British Columbia for various reasons.

But more often than not, it’s a lifestyle choice fueled by passion and a love for the outdoors that has brought us to live in a town with a world-class river floating through it.

There are some qualities about a river that make it so special to our crew members, and here are a few of the reasons we decide to spend the majority of our time in a town that just so happens to showcase a fabulous stretch of water.

Keeps you present

As with many motion sports, the adrenaline rush and constant movement of the water forces the body to take over from the mind. This keeps you present, as no other thoughts can run through your head while you are splashing around in the water.

“You have nothing else to worry about besides what is on the boat,” explains Darren Trapp, a raft guide at Glacier. “You are not thinking about what text messages are on your phone or what’s happening on Facebook, or the bills you have to pay or appointments you have to be at because you know… you can’t, you just don’t have a choice.”

“You just are on the boat and all you really can do is take what is all around you. And that is pretty freeing.”

White Water Rafting on the Kicking Horse River

Raft guide Darren in his element

Being a part of nature

One of the most beautiful qualities of the river is the chance to be a part of nature itself. Floating down a powerful stretch of water opens up the opportunity to see wildlife in their most tranquil setting.

This is one part of the river life raft guide Kris King enjoys while out on the water almost every day.

“Being around nature; seeing bears come up to the river, and seeing animals like deer and sheep just going about their day…. you get to be a part of it, which is pretty special,” explains King.

Wildlife in the Kicking Horse River in Golden, B.C.

A moose going for a swim in the Kicking Horse River

Brings about a fresh perspective

Meandering through the trees, racing down a hill or hiking through a valley all offer great views of the wondrous mountain peaks that surround the place we call home.

But when you get a chance to go down the river and view those natural landscapes from a vantage point that is inaccessible by any other means than a boat, it really is refreshing.

“It’s an entirely new perspective on an area that you see every single day, especially living in the mountains,” says office staff member Laura Kluz.

“And it reminds me that no matter what we see, do or think, there is always another way of looking at something.”

River rafting in Golden B.C. on Kicking Horse River

Impressive rock walls in the renowned Lower Canyon

Rivers are relatable

This is one reason another member of our office team Ike Michele loves the river. Aside from bringing about a fresh perspective, it also feels like she is greeting a friend every time she is out on the water.

“Getting to know the river is like getting to know a new friend,” she says. “Each river has its own personality that you get to discover.”

This, she explains, makes rivers relatable because the features are always changing. When you take a step back from them and return a while later (or in another season) you have the opportunity to check up on it and see what has remained similar, but also what has changed.

“They are a good reflection of what life is like.”

Paddling the Columbia River in Golden, B.C.

Floating the Columbia River in Golden, B.C.

As with many natural elements, the river is a powerful force of nature that has many qualities that we continuously fall in love with over and over again. It’s why we are all living in a town with a river right outside our doorstep. We are so in love with the river, and the thrill it provides.

So come live an adventure with us!

Cheers from the whole Glacier Crew