Here at Glacier Raft Company, we are all about adventure. With an abundance of activities right outside our doorstep in Golden, the opportunities for outdoor education are endless.

As a town that is surrounded by six national parks, the idea of exploring just a couple of sites can be a bit daunting – especially if you are only in town for a few days! Our staff members thrive on adventure and many have thoroughly explored the trails in and around Golden.

So here is a list of our favourite hikes in the area we suggest checking out:


Applebee Dome


Although Golden boasts six national parks in the area, there are also a few provincial parks close by. One of the most prominent – and often forgotten about – is the Bugaboo Provincial Park, located around 60 kilometers south of Golden.

This gorgeous spot not only boasts some of the best climbing in Canada, but its hiking is also pristine. Our office manager Carmen says her favourite in the park is the Conrad Kain Hut and Applebee Dome trail.

Although it can be a full-day hike, Carmen recommends staying overnight in the Applebee Dome, which is just past the Conrad Kain Hut, as it gives you some extra time to soak in the scenery.

The hut is a nice spot to stop and fuel up, says Carmen, before heading up the trail to the dome where you will get a magnificent view. “But watch out for little rodents,” she says, adding that many little creatures tried to sneak her food.

The trail is a moderate-to-difficult hike, as it does gain quite a bit of elevation – about 930 meters.


Mummery Glacier


Although a bit of a trek to find the trailhead, this hidden gem is one hike in the area that is definitely worthwhile if you are up for an adventure!

Glacier’s owner Ryan says this trail is his favourite in the area – which says a lot considering he has been exploring Golden for the past 14 years!

Located in the Blaeberry, this hike is up more difficult terrain before coming into a stunning scene of the Mummery Glacier. The trip can be done in one day, but would be an easier hike split over two, added Ryan.

The one hiccup with this hike is finding the trailhead, as the road leading up to it has been washed out. Ryan mentioned that you might need to bike a few kilometers in before hiking the rest of the trail – which is steep at times.


Sherbrooke Lake


Recommended by a member of our office staff, Colin, this full day trek is an easy-to-moderate hike up to a lake that is fed by the Wapta Icefield – the same glacier that feeds the Kicking Horse River!

The trailhead is located 68 kilometers east of town on Highway 1, and starts at the parking lot of the Great Divide Lodge.

A short three-kilometer hike to the lake itself, Colin says that it is best to continue on the trail past the lake. The trail steepens once you pass the lake, and leads upward into a dome that overlooks the water from above.
Colin’s tip for the trip: “Watch out for bugs around the lake!”


Table Mountain

Table Mountain

A fairly difficult hike close to Golden, this trail offers a stunning view that overlooks the town and its mountain landscape.

Laura, a member of our office staff, says the hike is a great half-day trip that will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Although there is not much to view on the way up, the forest keeps the trail entertaining enough, and the view at the top makes the uphill battle worth it.

The trek is only a 4 1/2-kilometer return trip, but the steep climb makes it feel a lot longer. It can be done in a few hours, and is a great hike for those looking to get in a workout one afternoon.

The trailhead is 6-kilometers from town and hidden on Highway 1 - just a few minutes before the Kicking Horse Rest Area. It is located off a corner of a switchback, where a small parking lot sits about 500 meters up the road.


Canyon Creek


Recommended by Glacier’s very own handyman Dwayne, Canyon Creek is the “lazy man’s hike.”

This cruisy hike starts out fairly steep, but quickly tapers off to a steady incline that overlooks a magnificent canyon. The trail continues on for a few kilometers, and even loops all the way to Cedar Lake in Golden. But there are also mini-loops within the trail system that can bring you back out to the parking lot.

Located just 10 minutes south of Golden in Nicholson, this trail brings you to some gorgeous mountain views while still enjoying a nice walk.

There are many more fabulous trails to check out around the area – Wolverine Pass, Iceline Trail, Mount Hunter, among others – but these five are some of our staff favourites.

If you are looking for some more information about hiking in Golden, we recommend checking out This awesome database compiles the various hikes in the area, rating each trail according to difficulty, while also providing detailed directions.

Now go live an adventure!

Cheers from all of us here at Glacier