Best Hikes in Glacier National Park, BC – Our Recommendations for Canada 150 (and beyond)

Golden is surrounded by six national parks which makes it a fun place for adventurers. From hiking and biking to paragliding and trail running, these parks make the daylight hours extremely joyful. In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, we have decided to name our favourite trails in each of the parks, to help out all of you who will be coming to take in the magnificent peaks.

Making Plans for Summer? Look at This First!

How do you feel when you think about this:

You’re floating down a river surrounded by mountains and forests.

The sun is warm on your face and sandaled feet.

You’re reclined in a raft. Comfy and relaxed as you wind downstream.

And our new location is … Drumroll please…

Last week we let you know that we have to move. It was crappy at first, but not anymore.

We are really, really excited for our new spot and we’re tired of keeping it a secret. So, here it is!

Well, that sucked!

Have you ever received an email that as soon as you saw it you knew it wasn’t going to be good?

It happened to us.

Our Funniest River Experiences

We love to laugh. And there is no better place to do it than on the water.

River culture itself tends to bring on the humour. Through pranks, jokes and all-around funny experiences while running rapids on the river, there sure are a lot of laughs shared between the team every day.