Rafting and the Outdoors – The Importance of Healthy Living

Working at a white water rafting company means we are regularly immersed in an activity and culture that keeps our mind and body at the top of their game.

Rafting has the ability to make us very aware of our bodies, and our minds, meaning living a healthy lifestyle comes along with the job. And it is one of the major reasons we love our jobs so much.

Best Summer Activities in Golden, British Columbia

Let’s just take a second to describe Golden, BC.

Mountains. Rivers. Wildlife. Scenery. Adrenaline. Adventure.

Who is rafting for? Do you meet the criteria?

Have you ever wondered if you’re adventurous enough to go whitewater rafting? Have you wondered if you’re young enough, fit enough, athletic enough, experienced enough, a strong enough swimmer?

Are you the nervous friend who wants to join your group of pals but you really don’t think you can do it?

4 Reasons We Love the River!

Many reasons have led us to spend our seasons hiding away in a small mountain town. Whether it’s the location or the people, we all choose to live in Golden for various reasons.

But more often than not, it’s a lifestyle choice fueled by passion and a love for the outdoors that has brought us to live in a town with a world-class river floating through it.

Our Favourite Adventures

We love to live an adventure, which is why the majority of us here at Glacier Raft spend a lot of our time chasing them. From kayaking different rivers overseas to hiking through the wilderness, we continuously find ourselves spending seasons exploring new terrain and experiencing new cultures.

Even though the reasons we seek out the destinations we do may be vastly different, they all seem to have something in common: they have a way of pushing us out of our comfort zone.