With rafting season now in full swing, our guests are pumped and ready to get out on the water to have some fun. For many, white water rafting is just another part of their summer adventure: they are ready and willing to make the best out of their day!

But for many others, white water rafting is a new experience – a trip where they are not sure what to expect. That is OK! We are the experts on the river and here to help make the most out of your white water rafting adventure.

We asked our experts some of the best tips for you, our guests, to ensure you get the most out of your white water rafting trip. Whether it be your first, or tenth time out there, we have you covered!

1. “Don’t think, just play!”

When it comes to the river and white water, sometimes a lot of thinking is involved which can take away from the experience. Raft guide Kris King wants guests to know that they are not on the river to think – but rather raft and have a good time. He says that you are here to play, so let him be the guide and do all the thinking. Just sit back and let your inner child roar!

2. “Bundle up!”

Although we try to keep you as warm as possible with the gear we provide (wetsuit, booties, fleece etc.), the weather is out of our control. So is the temperature of the glacial fed water - which is anywhere between 3 to 5 degrees. Carmen, our office manager and guest expert, recommends taking as many layers with you out on the river as you can, even if the sun is shining. We provide it all so don't be afraid to take extra jackets or fleeces.
“It is hard to warm up once you are out there,” she says.
Plus, the clothing can be left on the bus if you decide not to wear it out on the river.

3. “Try it all!”

There is more to rafting than just sitting in a boat and paddling away. Don’t get us wrong, enjoying the gorgeous scenery that the Kicking Horse River has to offer is definitely an option! But to make the most of the day, Glacier’s owner and fellow raft guide Ryan Johannesen says to try out the fun challenges the guides suggest, such as the infamous rodeo move or taking a dip in the water.
“People are just so pumped after they do that,” he adds.

4. “Look around.”

On large days, there can be quite a lot of people roaming around the warehouse, and a lot of our guests are strangers to each other. For some, being immersed within a large group of people can be fairly overwhelming. This can keep people a bit quiet throughout parts of the day.
Raft guide Darren Trapp says to look around because, “everyone is in the same headspace as you are.” He says that guests who come rafting are all here for a white water adventure. So there is no need to keep quiet! Open up to the other guests and you will find that most people want a similar thrill out of their rafting experience.

We want you to live an adventure out on the river with us, and our experts are here to help make that happen!

Wake up. Go after it. Repeat.

If you have any other questions feel free to send an email or call us anytime at 1 877 344 RAFT

We hope to see you on the river soon!

Cheers from the Whole Glacier Crew