We love to laugh. And there is no better place to do it than on the water.

River culture itself tends to bring on the humour. Through pranks, jokes and all-around funny experiences while running rapids on the river, there sure are a lot of laughs shared between the team every day.

As owner Ryan Johannesen says, “The funniest experiences are usually guide mishaps that don’t involve the crew.”


So we’ve decided to share some of our favourite and most hilarious river experiences that always bring a smile to our faces each time we relive the moments in our minds.


Raft guides often get “a nice bum massage” as guide Darren Trapp describes it - they often find themselves getting bumped around pretty good while on the boat. Although it is not common, from time to time the bumps turn dirty and the guides themselves fall out of the boat.

“One time I fell out right at the back of my boat,” says Johannesen. “The crew in the boat had no idea.”

“I ended up right beside my boat and the crew looked down at me and were kind of surprised to see me in the water,” he says with a chuckle. “Instead of reaching over to give me a hand or anything… they actually had a couple cameras and they started taking photos of me in the water.

We were still going through the rapids,” he explains. “And it was clear I wasn’t having any help to get back in so I just kind of got back in.”


River Manager Mike Reeder jumps out of his boat (on purpose) for a great photo op.


For Trapp, one of his funniest experiences came at the lunch spot when the crew arrived for their meal.

The team noticed a dead deer floating around the eddy while pulling into the lunch spot, so one of our guides lassoed the carcass to move it out of the way. He then got his crew to paddle the deer out to the current so it would move downstream, away from guests and food.

“But its legs got caught on a sand bar and it stood up in the river…”

Then, another stream of boats ended up floating towards them, with guests noticing the animal standing up in the water. The little kids in the boat were asking, “Is that a deer in the river?”

What they didn’t notice was that it was no longer alive.

But for Darren, the best part of the experience was when another guide, Chad, showed up at the lunch spot to join the trip with new guests.

“Is anyone here a vegetarian?” he asked them.


A deer hanging out by the Kicking Horse River


It’s always a good time when the voice you’ve been listening to all day has suddenly changed.

“We were rafting the lower one day and we got through all the rapids and then myself and one of the other guides pulled our boats side-by-side,” says Liz Anstiss, one of our most seasoned guides out on the river.

“We quickly jumped seats and just continued to guide as all the guests were looking ahead. And so suddenly they just had different voice coming from the back of the boat…”

Just like the river itself, the guides are always changing it up.


Glacier boats having a great time out on the water!


Although being on the river provides ample opportunity for mishaps, there are various aspects to the day that don’t involve being on the water.

River rafting always requires a shuttle, as you end at a different spot than you begin. For raft guide Lawrence Brennan it was a drive out to the put-in while working at a previous raft company that he won’t forget anytime soon.

“One of our rookie guides was out and he tried to turn the bus around on the highway,” he explains. “But he got the bus stuck and blocked off all the lanes of traffic.

And he was stuck there for a good half hour or so before he got out of there.”

What a great way to start a traffic jam.

Bus drivers have one of the hardest jobs of all - making sure everyone arrives safely to the river!

Bus drivers have one of the hardest jobs of all - making sure everyone arrives safely to the river!

The river really is one giant water playground. The guides see it that way, at least. Which is another reason we get out on the water every day.

Now go live an adventure!

Cheers, from the Glacier crew.