Have you ever received an email that as soon as you saw it you knew it wasn’t going to be good?

It happened to us.

Even in a busy inbox the headline NOTICE OF EVICTION jumped right out at us. And it was just like that. Big, bold, block letters staring right back at us.

We looked at it for a second hoping it was another one of those spam emails from a far away place asking us for money (or telling us we won a million dollars), but this time we weren’t so lucky.

We read it and then we read it again. The building and property Glacier Raft Company has operated from for over 25 years has been sold for development.

Glacier Raft Company Base in Golden BC

For those who have never been rafting with us, this is the old girl we love so much


Yep. Turns out it was purchased with the idea of building apartments. Great news for Golden’s renters, not so great for us.

Although, that’s not entirely true. Once we had some time to think about it (we’re talking months here, not hours or days) and process what it means for us and for Glacier, the news wasn’t all doom and gloom like we first thought.

We love our old, wooden warehouse, but we’ve accepted that this is an opportunity for Glacier to grow, and to move in a direction that could actually be better for Glacier as a whole.

We have spent the past year learning, brainstorming, researching, property hunting and at times stressing, but we have found a new location and are SO excited to share it with you.

We know change can be a bit unsettling but we are really are looking forward to this new beginning.

We can guarantee you the best things about Glacier will stay the same. Our commitment to you, as our guest, will never change. We will always strive to provide an experience that is better than you ever expected it could be, and we have our same amazing guides and staff returning to help make this possible.

Next weeks newsletter and blog post will reveal the secret of Glacier’s new home. We can’t wait to fill you in!

If you have any questions or favourite memories from rafting at our old base we’d love to hear from you! Leave us a note in the comments below, or email us at trips@glacierraft.com

Until next week, cheers from Carmen, Ryan and all of the Glacier Crew