Have you ever wondered if you’re adventurous enough to go whitewater rafting? Have you wondered if you’re young enough, fit enough, athletic enough, experienced enough, a strong enough swimmer?

Are you the nervous one who wants to join your group of friends but really don't think you can do it?

Whitewater rafting in Golden British Columbia

Rafting the Kicking Horse is suitable for all ages and abilities!

Rafting the Kicking Horse River near Banff Alberta

With a variety of trips available, there are options for groups of all sizes!


That’s normal. We all question our abilities before trying something new, and having fears is perfectly legitimate. We’ve been there. I'm having flashbacks this very moment to an acceptance speech I had to give a few months ago. Crowds and public speaking are not my thing, but as you can tell, I survived (and it actually wasn't as bad as I had been telling myself it would be).

So - if you’re questioning yourself, I’m here to tell you rafting with Glacier Raft Company is something you can do!

White water river rafting in Golden B.C.

Ready to spend a day on the Kicking Horse.


Here’s why there’s no need to be concerned.

The Kicking Horse River is divided into 3 sections – the upper, middle and lower canyons. You can pick and choose the sections that best suit the experience you’re after.

Upper Canyon

The upper canyon is the calmest part of the river. It is a gentle float with a couple of splashy rapids near the end. If some flat water with a bit of splash is what you’re after, that’s awesome. You can end there. As long as you’re at least 6 years old, you’re welcome to join.

Middle Canyon

If you’re craving more adventure, the middle canyon is the next step. It starts with a big section of class 4 whitewater (the highest we can commercially raft) and then it’s non stop class 2 and 3 rapids from there (Except at high water - at high water, the middle canyon becomes big, non-stop, continuous class 3 and 4 whitewater. This usually occurs in June).

Lower Canyon

For the ultimate adventure, the lower canyon is where you want to be when the river is low enough for us to raft it. Only accessible by helicopter, the lower canyon of the Kicking Horse River is famous for a reason. It starts off with a 4 km stretch of continuous class 4 whitewater (amazing!!) and the rapids keep coming. Huge whitewater and a helicopter flight – enough said.

If you’re not sure how adventurous you want to be, just start with the upper canyon. If you’re loving your day and want to go further you can upgrade out on the river. Let your guide know and they’ll make it happen.

Rafting the Kicking Horse River in Golden BC

We have trips for the entire family. Start together and go from there!


Our TRIP SELECTOR is a great tool to help you find the trip for you.

If you have any questions please get in touch. Call us at 1 877 344 7238, email trips@glacierraft.com or leave us a comment below.

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We hope to spend time with you on the river soon!

Cheers from Carmen, Ryan and the whole Glacier Crew