Golden, BC brings the adventure. It's common for those passing through for only one day (even two or three) to feel overwhelmed by the choice of activities available. To help narrow it down, we're suggesting three possible half day activities in Golden, BC.

With so many options, we've realized it's nice to have the choice to squeeze in multiple activities in one day. If mountains and sightseeing capture your heart during the day, Glacier Raft Company now offers afternoon rafting and kayaking trips so you can get your river time in too.

Cause if you're anything like us, you like to see and do as much as possible.

This means you can still experience the best that Golden has to offer during the day, and not worry about missing out on experiencing the famous Kicking Horse and Columbia Rivers.

Alright, once you've got your day figured out, choose from one of these 3 great options to finish off the afternoon. Whether it's rafting or kayaking, the evenings in Golden have never looked better!


Kayaking on the Columbia River in Golden BC

Paddling under the Kicking Horse Bridge in Golden, B.C.

3 half Day activities in golden, BC


1. raft the kicking horse at 3:30 on the White Water Express trip

White Water Express gets you right into the heart of the white water on the Kicking Horse River. Class III and IV rapids run throughout this section, delivering a thrilling experience on the water.

The White Water Express rafts the middle canyon of the Kicking Horse, which is a 10 km section of continuous whitewater.


kicking horse river rafting

Lots of splashes throughout the entire 10 km stretch, known as the middle canyon


Starting off with a 1 km stretch of continuous class 4 (the highest we can commercially raft in Canada!), known as Portage and Shotgun, this trip gets you right into the big stuff. The action doesn't let up after this first kilometer, though, as there are dozens of other big rapids spaced throughout the entire section.

Being on the river in the afternoon is an ideal time, as you get the summer sun just starting to set behind the mountains. The afternoon light is spectacular, making the canyon feel as if it's illuminated and glowing.


River rafting with Glacier on the Kicking Horse River

Glowing afternoon sun on the Kicking Horse


Being one of our most popular trips, our evening White Water Express trip is the perfect way to squeeze in a quick bit of action.

Starting at 3:30 p.m., this trip will run daily throughout the summer (as long as we have the minimum number of guests required) and it arrives back at our base around 6:15 p.m.

If you'd prefer to raft this trip during the day, no worries at all! We offer the exact same trip starting at 11:00 a.m., finishing back at our base around 2:00 p.m.


Rafting the middle canyon of the Kicking Horse River

Rafting the middle canyon of the Kicking Horse River on our White Water Express Trip


Learn more details about our afternoon Express Trip and book your rafting adventure online.

There are a number of other river rafting trips on the Kicking Horse River to check out as well if you're hoping for a longer experience.

With 5 trips running daily, there are options to suit all adventure levels.


2. INFLATABLE KAYAK TOURS – 5 p.m. daily

While rafting through some stellar white water is the thrill of a lifetime for some, we know others would rather experience the river in a more relaxed, gentle setting.

If this is you, we think you'll enjoy a two hour, evening, inflatable kayak tour.


Kayak tours through Golden BC with Glacier Raft Company

Paddling under the Pedestrian Bridge in Golden, B.C. on our evening kayak tour


Accompanied by a certified river guide, you'll start on a calm part of the Kicking Horse River. All of our inflatable kayaks seat two people (although they can be paddled by one person on their own), so you and your partner will be making your way downstream through the cute little mountain town of Golden, B.C.

The Kicking Horse merges with the Columbia River at the edge of town, and this confluence is where you'll begin paddling on the second river of this tour.

Paddling on two well known rivers is an amazing opportunity in itself, and it also gives you the chance to practice your own paddling skills in a gentle, friendly setting.

You can take it as easy as you'd like, and we do recommend taking the time to stop and really look around. The stunning scenery of Golden’s mountain ranges is something that will stay in your memory for a long time to come.


A kayak tour through Golden British Columbia

Big mountains can be seen all around you as you paddle on the Kicking Horse and Columbia River


This guided tour also gives you the chance to pass under the town’s iconic pedestrian bridge - a special landmark in Golden and a different way to see the town itself. Plus, it's not uncommon to see some impressive wildlife while you are floating along. If you have binoculars, be sure to bring them along.


Evening kayak trip in Golden B.C.

Paddling on the Columbia River on our evening kayak trip


3. inflatable kayak rentals

Are you the independent type who likes to get out and explore at your own pace? We get that.

If you'd like to see one of many lakes around Golden, BC, or start further upstream to see more of the Columbia River, you can rent one (or more) of our inflatable kayaks. We can help direct you where to go, as there are definitely more options than you could see in one visit.


Paddling with a dog in Golden B.C.

Independent type? Inflatable kayak rentals are great for adventurers of all types!


Pack a picnic and paddle to a distant shore, or enjoy your dinner floating in the middle of an alpine lake. That sounds super awesome to us! The inflatable kayaks are really stable, so you can enjoy just hanging out without worrying about tipping.

All rentals come with 2 PFD's, 2 paddles and a pump. A great thing about the kayaks being inflatable, is that we can roll them up to fit in any trunk. With the hand pump we'll give you they take less than 5 minutes to inflate.


Kayak tours in Golden British Columbia

Rent some kayaks with your friends and spend the evening paddling - the options are endless


Although Golden is a hub of adventure, many activities here are best experienced during the day. But, as long as the sun is shining we can still get out on the water - and lucky for us we have long summer days!

Whether it's rafting a section of white water, kayaking down two different rivers, or exploring the water in the area on your own, all are great options to enjoy an evening in Golden, B.C.

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For more information email or leave us a comment below.

Live an adventure!

Cheers from the Glacier crew