Let’s just take a second to describe Golden, BC.

Mountains. Rivers. Wildlife. Scenery. Adrenaline. Adventure.

These are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about our home. Our tiny town in the mountains has quite the reputation for being a destination for the outdoor enthusiast. And while white water rafting is definitely up there on our list of our favourite things to do, we decided to let you in on some of the other outdoor activities that make us love this town even more.

Here are our top five:


Golden is located within the heart of 6 national parks. It is what makes this town one of the most ideal locations for mountain lovers. So, naturally (ha!), hiking and trekking in the woods comes out as one of the top activities in Golden.

Whether you are looking for a short, half-day hike or a multi-day trek through the backcountry, Golden is the perfect hub for it all.

You can check out some of our favourite hikes HERE

Hiking in Golden British Columbia

Hiking from Holt Lakes to Gorman Lake in Golden, BC

Trail Running

Many people will agree that Golden is a place to how do we say it.. up your game. The challenging terrain keeps training interesting, and sometimes forces you out of your comfort zone. So it is not surprising that running on the hiking trails has taken off here.

For runners, Golden’s trail system has it all. From the easier routes to more difficult climbs uphill (and everything in between), the immense trail network keeps runners happy.

And for the third year now, the Golden Ultra showcases these unique and challenging trails in town through its 3-day stage race. This 85km ultra marathon attracts runners from all around the world as they make their way up 2500 meters to summit Kicking Horse Mountain before running all the way back down again.

Trail running in Golden British Columbia

Made it up Mount Hunter in Golden, BC. A slog for sure, but well worth the views!


We love the water and the thrill it provides! There is no doubt about that. So white water kayaking is a given considering Golden is home to one of the most challenging, entertaining and fun rivers in the Canadian Rockies. Not to mention the views…

The Kicking Horse River truly is a marvel in its own right. The river is celebrated daily with the vast white water rafting scene that exists here in the summer. But what many people are not aware of is the annual kayak celebration that occurs at the start of summer to honour the sport. The Kicking Horse Kayak Festival typically happens at the end of June, and kayakers from all around the Rockies show up to compete and participate in the event.

Kayaking the lower canyon of Kicking Horse River

Kayking into the lower canyon of the Kicking Horse River

Mountain Biking

The extensive trail network here in town is not just for running shoes. CBT, the Moonrakers, and the Mountain Shadows are three trail networks within town limits that are all bike-friendly, allowing Golden to shine in its mountain biking culture. It’s a sport that not only has locals moving, but our trails attract visitors from all over to experience the fun - especially when you consider there are over 100 kilometres of quality bike trails to explore.

In addition to the awesome trail maintenance that occurs every year, Golden hosts a few races aimed at highlighting the trails. Golden Two-Four offers 24 hours of cross country mountain biking, while the Totally Spoked Golden Bike Fest provides a glimpse into the wonders of biking in this mountain town at the start of the summer.

You can check out some of our favourite trails HERE

Mountain Biking in Golden British Columbia

Overlooking Canyon Creek in the Moonrakers in Golden, BC


If you ever feel like jumping out of an airplane and floating back to the ground, we have to admit that Golden might be one of the best places to do it. Locals in Golden are quite used to hearing screams coming from above during the warmer months. Looking up, you will see a little coloured spec in the sky floating back towards the ground. Typically, this makes us smile.

With absolutely stunning bird-eye views of the Purcell and Selkirk mountain ranges and with two giant rivers flowing below, skydiving here might be the best bang for your buck. The views are great, the air is crisp, and when you arrive back on the ground, you can amp up your adrenaline again by participating in any one of the above activities.
So there you have it, our top activities in our favourite place. We love exploring, and hope that you love it as much as we do.

Live an adventure!

Cheers, from the Glacier crew