The Canadian Rockies stretch between BC and Alberta, and they’re one of the most picturesque landscapes in Canada. There’s so much to see and do between Banff and Golden, and here are our suggestions for the must see sights, hikes and natural attractions.

If you’re basing yourself from Golden or Banff, you can take day trips to any of these destinations. There’s enough to do to allot many days to this area, so plan to spend as much time as you can.

Regardless of how much time you have, here are the best things to see and do between Banff, Alberta and Golden, BC.

Our suggestions flow from east to west. If you're based in Banff, the first suggestion is your closest attraction. If you're travelling from Golden, you'll want to consider them in reverse.


11 BEST things to see and do between banff and golden


1. Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon is beautiful, but as with any cool spot it can also get super busy. Tour buses like to stop at Johnston Canyon so that’ll give you a sense of the crowds you may face.

While it’s worth a visit, if you’re travelling in the summer try to get there first thing in the morning, or wait and go in the evening. If you’re visiting in the spring or fall it won’t be as busy.

The canyon carves way back into the rocks. You’ll be walking through the forest and along the side of the canyon to the first and second falls. To get to the first falls is an easy flat walk, taking roughly 30 minutes to cover the 1.2 km. You’ll climb a little bit as you continue onto the second falls, which will take another 30 minutes or so.


Family walking by Johnston Canyon, one of the best things to see between Banff and Golden

Taking in one of the waterfalls at Johnston Canyon. Photo: Banff and Lake Louise Tourism


As you climb you’ll be looking down on Johnston Creek below.

If you happen to find yourself there in the summer when the water levels are right, you may see some of our raft guides kayaking down the canyon.


2. Lake Louise and Moraine Lake


Looking down on Lake Louise AB

Looking down on the iconic Lake Louise.


It goes without saying, but if you're travelling between Banff and Golden, you’re likely going to find yourself at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. These two spots have exploded in popularity in the last few years, so while they’re too iconic to miss, you’re going to want to plan ahead. Make sure you book the shuttle bus that gets you to the lakes, as there is no vehicle access during peak season. It's just too busy.

You must book the shuttle in advance, as no walk up seating is available day of. Don't leave this until the last minute - get on it as soon as you select your dates.

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake don’t need much explanation. Two of the most famous lakes in the Canadian Rockies, we know you’ve seen them on book covers and postcards.

Both are beautiful, but we prefer Moraine Lake for the scenery. It’s smaller than Lake Louise but the surrounding landscapes pack a very big punch.

Both lakes offer canoe rentals on site if you’re up for a paddle. You also have the option to rent an inflatable kayak in Golden. You'll get it for a lot longer at a fraction of the price, and can explore to your hearts content.


Couple canoeing on Lake Louise

You can rent a canoe and go for a paddle on Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.


3. Sherbrook Lake

Another lake worth mentioning, the Sherbrook Lake hike is roughly 6 km. Found in Yoho National Park, you’ll be walking through pretty forest until you pop out at the glacial lake.

If you’re looking for a more mellow option, this hike is one of the easiest in the Park. There's very little elevation gain and the trail is well worn in.


Girl walking to Sherbrook Lake on hike in Yoho Park

First glimpses of Sherbrook Lake.


If you’re feeling up for it, we recommend hiking past the lake. There are boardwalks over a marshy area, and then you’ll climb up past the waterfalls that feed the lake. It’s very pretty and adds some extra beauty to the experience.

If you keep going you can get all the way up to Mount Niles. It looks over at the Daly Glacier and down towards Takakkaw Falls. This longer hike is still doable in a day, so pack some extra snacks and layers in case your legs want to keep going.


4. Takakkaw Falls

The 2nd highest waterfall in Canada, Takakkaw Falls, is stunning. Found in Yoho National Park, it cascades 343 m down into the Yoho River below. The Daly Glacier feeds Takakkaw Falls. Because it's glacial fed, the volume is greatest in spring and early summer when the meltwater is at its highest.


Looking at Takakkaw Falls from Iceline Trail Hike

Looking across at Takakkaw Falls and the Daly Glacier from the Iceline Trail (see suggestion #5 below)


Takakkaw Falls is very easy to get to. You can drive right to it, and then take a short walk to the base of the falls if you wish. There are many hikes that start at Takakkaw Falls, so if you want to put some miles on your hiking boots, this is a good place to spend a day (or two). See suggestion # 5 below for one of our favourite hikes that starts right by Takakkaw Falls.

From Takakkaw Falls, the Yoho River is one of the tributaries of the Kicking Horse River. The Kicking Horse winds its way into Golden, and is one of the most popular whitewater rafting rivers in BC.


5. Iceline Trail

You’ve likely heard of the Iceline Trail, even if you’ve never hiked it. It’s one of the most popular trails in Yoho National Park and the Canadian Rockies. It takes you 15 km through the alpine, past glaciers, over streams and through beautiful lush forest.

The Iceline Trail takes on average 5 hours to complete, so you’ll likely want to allot a full day to this journey.


girl hiking iceline trail between golden bc and banff alberta

Starting to enter a forested part of the Iceline Trail after coming down from the alpine.


This trail has you walking right past Takakkaw Falls (our recommendation #4). It’s worth allowing time to do the short walk to the base of the falls when you finish the hike. One because it's pretty, and two because the mist will feel so good!

There are also lots of picnic tables and private sitting areas by the river. They're great spots to refuel and give the legs a little stretch.

This trail is a loop and can be done in both directions. Both ways will have you doing a climb early on, but for whatever reason we prefer the clockwise direction. This has you starting at the hostel and finishing by the falls.


6. Natural Bridge

You’ll pass the Natural Bridge on your way up to Emerald Lake, so if you’re heading that way it’s worth a stop.


Natural Bridge BC

A super cool rock formation with water cascading underneath the Natural Bridge.


The Natural Bridge is an amazing rock formation that spans the Kicking Horse River. It’s one of our favourite places to stop every time we’re driving through Yoho National Park. Water eroded the rock beneath a hard band of limestone, causing the river to cascade down, underneath the ‘natural bridge’.

There are different lookouts so you can see the formation from many different angles. The interpretive signs are also very interesting and informative. They explain more about the processes that created this beautiful feature.


7. Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake offers the brilliant, bright blue waters you see on any postcard from this area. It’s a stunning spot and is deserving of a visit. If you’re into a quick stop you can snap some photos and grab a coffee or tea at the cute little lake side cafe.


friends hiking down towards Emerald Lake in BC

Looking down on Emerald Lake from one of the hiking trails north of the lake.


If you have more time to enjoy here, you can rent a canoe and go for a paddle. You could also go for one of the hikes that are accessible from the Lake. There’s a walking trail around the lake, for a cruisy, flat walk, or you can venture up into the alpine behind the lake.

At the back of Emerald Lake is the trailhead to Yoho Lake. It’s a moderate hike that takes you up behind Emerald Lake, and we love it so much it's our next suggestion below.


8. Yoho Lake

Either we’ve lucked out, or this trail isn’t quite as busy, but we never tend to see many fellow hikers on this trail.

This hike takes you to the back of Emerald Lake, and then up into the saddle and onto Yoho Lake. It’s another beautiful alpine lake, surrounded by jagged mountain peaks and shrubby alpine trees.

We love it here and it’s a spot you can relax and enjoy where you are. You can sprawl out and stretch, or enjoy some food on one of the picnic tables.

There are also a couple of the iconic, red Parks Canada chairs if you want to sit back in comfort and enjoy the view.


two people enjoying red Parks Canada chairs by Yoho Lake between Golden and Banff

Soak in the views from one of the comfy Parks Canada chairs - one of the best things to see between Banff and Golden!


Being in the Park, it’s a well marked and well maintained trail, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding your way.


9. Mount Hunter

Mount Hunter is always one of the first hikes we can do in Yoho Park each spring so it holds a special place for us. It always makes us happy to get out in our hiking boots and hit the trails.

If you’re visiting this area early in the summer when many of the other alpine hikes are still snowy, this could be a good option.

Mount Hunter is a steepy. It’ll have you walking 3.4 km to the first lookout, and 6 km if you head up to the top.


Views from Mount Hunter is one of the Best Things to See Between Banff and Golden

Looking down on the Beaverfoot Valley and Kicking Horse River from Mount Hunter


The first lookout brings you to an old fire tower. This is a fine place to stop, but if you have the energy to keep going, we recommend heading on to the top.

The steepest pitch is at the end (or maybe it just seems that way as we get tired). The views of the Beaverfoot Valley and Kicking Horse River below are stunning, and they're one of the best things to see between Banff and Golden. It seems there’s always a nice breeze up there too, which is a welcome reward for the grunt to get there.


10. Wapta Falls

Another waterfall worth your attention is Wapta Falls. Also located in Yoho National Park, Wapta is the biggest waterfall on the Kicking Horse River. You’ll take a pretty forest walk to get there, which is a bit over 2 km each way.

There are vantage points above the falls as you’re walking in, and you’ll see a path winding down to the base of the waterfall at the end of the path.


looking down on Wapta Falls, a main attraction between golden and banff

Looking down on Wapta Falls near the end of the trail. From here you go down to the base of the falls.


It’s worth going down if you’re feeling up to it. You’ll feel the glacial mist on your face and have beautiful views looking back up at the falls. Wapta Falls is 107 m wide and getting to the base takes roughly 35 - 45 minutes.

For roaring falls and the most water pouring over, head to Wapta in the spring. This is when the most meltwater is coming down from the glaciers and mountains. If you want to see it when it’s the beautiful, bright glacial blue, that happens later in the summer as river levels drop.


11. Kicking Horse River

As you make your way to Golden, a visit to the Kicking Horse River is a must. As you’re driving into (or out of) Golden you’ll see the Kicking Horse flowing through the canyon below. There are some good vantage points if you want to stop and take some photos, but getting in a boat and paddling downstream is the best way to take it all in.


Rafting the Kicking Horse River is one of the Best Things to See Between Banff and Golden

The Kicking Horse turns this beautiful shade of blue as river levels start to drop - it's absolutely one of the best things to see between Banff and Golden.


You’ll be surrounded by mountains and forests as you float on the clean, glacial waters.

River rafting tours run daily on the Kicking Horse River from the start of June until mid September. With six trips to choose from, there are options ranging from a gentle, scenic float trip to a full day whitewater adventure.

You can check out all your options for a Kicking Horse River rafting tour. Experience isn't needed for any of the trips, as an experienced river guide will be leading each boat.


guests smiling with paddles in the air as they raft the kicking horse river

Paddles up for an awesome adventure - there are 6 river rafting trips to choose from on the Kicking Horse River.


Book a Rafting Trip on the Kicking Horse River


And there you go. If you're planning a trip through the Canadian Rockies, you'll be driving between Banff, Alberta and Golden, British Columbia. There are so many sights to see and attractions to enjoy and we hope these suggestions of the 11 best things to see between Banff and Golden are helpful to make the most of your visit.

If you have any questions we'll be happy to help. Leave us a note in the comments below, or send an email to

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