How to Support Local Businesses – 5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Community

Corona Virus. It sure is a crappy thing and these are hard times for a lot of us.

So many of us are affected in different ways and we’re wondering when will this be over? Or at least when will we be able to operate somewhat ‘normally’?

We don’t have the answers to these questions, but we do know there are things we can do to help right now.

Here are 5 ideas of what we can do to help support our local businesses and community members – both now and when the pandemic ends.

10 Benefits of Being Outside

When you think about rafting and outdoor adventures you probably aren’t thinking about the mental and physical benefits. You’re likely thinking about the fun you’re going to have. About spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, or exploring an area you haven’t been before.

This is all true. These are reasons enough to spend a day outside.

The good news is rafting has SO many other benefits you probably aren’t even thinking about. All outdoor activities do. Nature is a powerful force and it brings us so much good – both mentally and physically.

Here are 10 Unexpected Benefits of Rafting and Other Outdoor Activities.

Escape the Crowds: 10 Best Places to Get Off The Beaten Track in Golden, BC

Do you want to get away from the crowds on your trip through the Canadian Rockies?  Do you want to enjoy nature in silence and the vastness of this area in solitude?

If you’re anything like us, you love exploring areas that are off the beaten track.  Check out our top 10 recommendations to do just that.

5 Best Views in Golden, BC

Golden, BC is located in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Truly. In terms of views, natural landscapes, wildlife, playgrounds and hidden gems – it has it all.

Golden is located at the heart of 6 National Parks. It sits in the mighty Columbia Valley and is sandwiched between the Rocky and Purcell Mountain Ranges. How can it get better than that?

If you’re travelling through the Canadian Rockies it needs to be a ‘must see’ destination.

When you visit, check out these spots for the 5 Best Views in Golden, BC.

10 Most Common Rafting Fears – And How We Address Them

Are you ready to overcome your fear and get out on the river? We know people have a lot of concerns and hesitations before booking a rafting trip. If you fall into this category you’re definitely not alone. People ask us questions and raise their concerns all the time so we know this is a […]