Working at a white water rafting company means we are regularly immersed in an activity and culture that keeps our minds and bodies at the top of their game.

Rafting has the ability to make us very aware of our bodies, and our minds, meaning living a healthy lifestyle comes along with the job. And it is one of the major reasons we love our jobs so much.

The mental and physical benefits of being outdoors, keeping active, doing something we enjoy and being around happy people keeps us quite grounded, and we decided to share with you what one of our favourite sports has taught us about healthy living.


Whitewater rafting in Golden B.C.

Spending time outdoors increases our happiness and makes us feel more calm

Whether you are joyfully meandering on a raft or powerfully moving through whitewater, rafting down a river showcases the immaculate landscapes around you, reminding you how special nature truly is.

Everyone here at Glacier believes being outside plays a key role in healthy living. It is why most of us participate in other activities besides rafting outside of working hours. Riding through the trails on a bike, running through the woods or kayaking down a raging river all highlight how being outside helps keep our minds calm and bodies happy.

Soaking in all that lovely Vitamin D has its perks - it helps to keep our bones strong and our skin shining. Not to mention the endorphins that are released through movement and the role they play in reducing stress.

Basking in the heat from the sunshine, feeling the wind on our face, or looking at the surrounding mountain peaks from a summit are just a few of of the wonderful side effects the outdoors has on our senses. It makes us feel happy, calm, alive and very fortunate.


Rafting in Golden BC on Kicking Horse River

Fresh air, sunshine, friends and fun - sure ways to make you feel happy!

Being healthy is much more than having a fit body. We are firm believers that confidence also plays a huge role in living a healthy lifestyle, and rafting presents the right challenges and opportunities for us to boost our own confidence, and that of our guests.

Challenging yourself by trying something new, overcoming a fear or stepping out of a comfort zone - they're all sure ways to boost your confidence as you realize you're capable of more than you originally thought.

There's a reason our guests who are most nervous at the start of the day come back with the biggest smiles. When you accomplish something you're not sure you'll be able to do, it's an instant confident boost! And it's impossible to keep the grin off your face.

Overcoming these challenges also plays a role in building a strong body image, and being on the water helps calm your mind as you let go of stressors and soak in the surroundings.

And, when you feel great about moving your body and challenging yourself, you typically want to fuel your body with some great food. This is why you will likely find a lot of us drinking green smoothies. After all, when you feel good, you want to take care of your body even more.


White water rafting in Golden BC

Build those muscles by spending more time being active


Paddling requires strength. The water resistance builds muscle and keeps the arms, back and core strong - muscles a lot of us don't use that often. For raft guides, their bodies play an important role in their job. Without strength, they wouldn’t be able to take eight guests and their gear (or thousands of pounds) down a river every day.

Paddling burns a ton of calories, and is a quite vigorous exercise that not only builds muscle, but endurance as well. This strenuous activity helps to reduce stress. How? Well, it releases endorphins, which lifts your mood. Plus, being on constant alert and running rapids brings rafters to the present moment.

One comment we regularly hear from guests is, “Where did the time go? Because the physicality of the activity alone reminds us to be present, time seems to fly by. And nothing helps a mind calm more than forgetting about all your worries and focusing on the task at hand.

We hope you get to spend lots of time outdoors this summer and that you can join us on our journey of happy minds and happy bodies.

Live an adventure!

Cheers, from the Glacier crew.