Get to Know Your Co-Workers

We know how important employees are to a business.

Different outings and team building activities have helped our own crew to develop better working relationships, and our program is designed to provide the same for you.

We have a number of activities for a group or corporate team building event, all of which involve some element of white water rafting or river culture.

The Kicking Horse River offers some of the best white water rafting in British Columbia and Alberta, and given Golden BC's close location to the border, we are only a short drive from Calgary, Canmore and Banff.

Have a look at our programs below and please contact us if you would like a more detailed description of any of our team building activities.


This activity is based on our own annual ‘Guide Olympics’, and it provides the opportunity for teams to compete against each other in a number of different events. Each event will require participants to learn new skills and recognize the strengths of their colleagues, and then work together to execute the challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Events to choose from include:

Raft Stack, Paddle Toss, Obstacle Course, Rafting Outfit Race, Throw Bag Toss, Tug-of-War


This activity requires team members to work together to get their raft ready to be put on the water. Based on a ‘sample raft’ that is all ready to go, groups will be required to fully equip, inflate, fasten and prep their boat.

Attention to detail is critical for this challenge. Our boats must be rigged correctly every day to ensure the safety of our guests and gear. One of our guides will be overseeing, and teams will need to communicate effectively and problem solve to meet our required standard.


We can arrange a variety of other on water activities and challenges based on the size and desires of your group.

From raft races and river swims, to the rafting rodeo and bridge hang, there are many opportunities for different team building adventures.


The idea of this activity is to have all members of the team learn a new skill together, and then use the knowledge they have gained to work together and successfully navigate their raft downstream.

One of our professional guides will teach the basics of reading water, river dynamics and the oaring techniques required to maneuver a raft, and then it will be up to the team to work together to get where they need to go. This activity requires very effective communication, cooperation, leadership, trust and decision making.


There’s a reason I’ve gone so many times with Glacier. I cannot say enough good things about the crew at Glacier and the work they do. My coworkers who had never been before are already planning when they will go again.

Darrick W, Trip Advisor