The Kicking Horse River is a stunner. A glacial fed river in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, it’s what dreams are made of and postcards created for. It ticks all the boxes for scenery and it’s also known for adventure. If you love the outdoors, a raft trip down the Kicking Horse River is a top of the bucket list kind of activity.

We’ve spent a lot of time on the Kicking Horse and could give many reasons to check it out. We know, though, that the opinions of our past guests - unbiased, arms reach folks - count for a lot more.

We combed through hundreds of reviews to find the common themes and we heard the same comments over and over. There are many reasons to raft the Kicking Horse River, and here are ten according to our past guests.

Top 10 Reasons to Raft the Kicking Horse River - According to our Past Rafting Guests


1. Try something new

When’s the last time you tried something new? Something you’ve never seen or experienced before? Stepping out of your comfort zone to have a new experience is a sure fire way to keep life exciting.

Many of our rafters are first timers and that’s okay. You’ll spend the day with an experienced raft guide and they’ll take the time to show you the ins and outs of rafting. They’re very familiar with first time guests, so fire away with any questions you have. They’re there to help and educate.


raft floating down kicking horse river

Floating down the calm and scenic upper canyon.


Here are a couple reviews from people who tried rafting for the first time on the Kicking Horse River.

We had an exhilarating experience! It was our first time rafting and the guides did an amazing job. The whole experience was mind-blowing, we will definitely come back again!

Neeharika Killampalli, Google Reviews

I'm tempted to write this review in all caps. We had such an amazing day with this company, I cannot recommend them highly enough. As first-time rafters we felt safe and informed, and were entertained by all the staff. Fantastic all round.

Olivia Denvir-Parry, Google Reviews


2. Overcome fear

We know what it feels like to face a challenge or new opportunity and have the sinking feeling that you can’t do it, or something will happen.

Fear is normal, and it makes good sense it’ll come up if rafting is a new activity. So many unknowns and what-ifs. We get it!

Day after day, though, guests who arrive the most nervous tend to leave with the biggest smiles on their faces. Confronting fear and coming out on top is an amazing feeling and a serious confidence boost.

You can also take comfort in knowing that every decision we make is based on the safety of our guests and team. And that will never change.

Give yourself the chance to prove that you can do it! We know you can, and we’ll be here to walk you through it every step of the way.


friends rafting and smiling on kicking horse river

Many guests who join us are nervous so you won't be alone!


Here are a couple reviews from guests who overcame their fear to give rafting a shot, and were very happy they did!

Starting out nervously, I finished 25 km of rapids, completely thrilled and wanting to do it again! Thank you to the very knowledgeable guides, they’re super friendly and lots of fun!!! This experience is worth every dime, I will definitely be back!!

ChrissyLou57, TripAdvisor

My anxiety was overridden by overwhelming joy given the beautiful scenery, thrilling waves, and laughter from the guides and company around me. Definitely recommend this and if I were to go again, it would be with this company.

Karynchu, TripAdvisor


If you're quite nervous about rafting, check out this blog on 15 things you can do to feel safer and more at ease during your rafting trip.


3. Spending time with family and friends

Quality time with people you care about. Enough said? This one doesn’t need much explanation.

We know it can be tricky to find an activity that everyone’s into, though, and the Kicking Horse River provides a unique opportunity. It starts out calm and builds into the bigger white water throughout the day, so it’s possible for everyone to do as much or as little as they please.

It’s super common for groups and families to break up the day. Everyone starts together and rafts the gentle, scenic float. You’ll enjoy a riverside BBQ lunch together, and then after lunch, any nervous rafters (or young kids) hop on our bus and shuttle back to base. The more adventurous members get back in the raft and continue on downstream into the big rapids.


family smiling and waving before starting to raft kicking horse river

With 5 tours to choose from, we can make sure you're on the right trip for your group.


The trip that rafts the gentler section is called the Family Adventure and the full day trip that rafts both the calm stretch and whitewater is the White Water Discovery. We have groups doing this every day of the summer. We’re happy to walk you through the options - send us an email or leave a comment below.

We have been wanting to do this for a few years now. We finally pulled the trigger and couldn’t be happier! So glad we went! What an amazing way to hang with your family or friends.

Mike, Robyn & Skylar, TripAdvisor

I can speak on behalf of the other 5 guys I was with that it was a perfect day, and we will be returning! The staff are amazing and professional and we can't wait to come back.

Dillbark1, Trip Advisor


See a new place - that’s known around the world for its beauty

When you see a coffee table book of Canada, or a postcard stand in western Canada, we bet you’ll be looking at mountain scenery of the Canadian Rockies. There are the big jagged peaks, bright blue glacial lakes and sprawling conifer forests.

These iconic images are exactly what you’ll be experiencing when you’re rafting the Kicking Horse River. You’ll be floating past these peaks, on a glacial river, surrounded by forests as far as the eye can see.

We’re fortunate we live and play in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and we'd love to share it with you.


raft going down kicking horse river surrounded by mountains and trees

A raft nearing the end of its trip on the Kicking Horse.


We also like to respectfully acknowledge that we raft in the unceded territory of the Ktunaxa and Secwepemc people, and home of the Columbia River Metis people.

The scenery is beautiful and the rapids are very fast paced. If you’re into adrenaline inducing adventure, this will do it for you! I definitely recommend Glacier Raft Co.

voodoo-d, TripAdvisor

The full day is as exciting as you'd expect from white water rafting and the scenery was great - we saw a bald eagle! It was fantastic all around.

Olivia Denvir-Parry, Google Reviews


Wondering where else to get some photos with iconic views? Check out this list of the 10 most instagram worth spots in Golden, BC.


5. Making experiences a priority

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day. Spending time and money on things that feel good in the moment, but aren’t contributing to our happiness in the long run. We’re guilty of this.

Buying the shiny new thing we saw on instagram or a fancy toy we have to have.

Of course there’s a time and a place for making purchases, but overall we know we’re so much happier when we prioritize experiences over things. This is what fills us up and we know many of our guests feel the same way.


six people in a raft on kicking horse river in golden bc


I went with some friends and we all had such a great experience! The team at Glacier made sure everyone was comfortable, as it was some people’s first time. I found it awesome that they made it a top priority that everyone had a great day & experience. I would 100% recommend this place if you’re looking to go rafting!

Taylor, Google Reviews

It was a fantastic experience all around. I'm so glad we went, it was a highlight of our trip for sure. We felt safe the whole time, even in the category 3 and 4 whitewater! Highly recommend giving it a try.

Gracie10M, TripAdvisor


Learn about this area - The Kicking Horse River, Columbia Valley and Canadian Rocky Mountains

If you’re anything like us, you enjoy learning about the area you’re visiting. We’re alway curious to know as much as we can about the local history, culture, cuisine and natural landscapes.

Our experience is always enhanced when we gain knowledge about where we are and what we’re seeing and it’s important to us that our guides share knowledge about our area with you.

There’s so much history and natural beauty to discover and our team takes pride in being teachers as well as river guides.

Here are a few comments from guests who loved learning about the area. If you’re interested in reading more, check out this blog on Golden, BC. It provides information on our area and all the spectacular landscapes that surround us.


four rafts floating through middle canyon of kicking horse river

You'll travel through many different landscapes throughout the day. All different but equally beautiful.


My friends and I had the most amazing experience. Our guide Austin took the time to ensure everyone in our raft was comfortable and answered any and all questions. While out on the water he educated our group on the ecosystems and mountains alongside the river. It was a phenomenal experience and we will be returning to do it again!

bekah g, Google Reviews

We had such a great time! Our guide Ryan was very knowledgeable and personable. It made us feel safe and we also had a ton of fun! They teach you the basics and let you know what to expect, and they’re constantly scouting the area in case there have been changes in the environment. We will definitely be booking again!

Brittany Shepard, Google Reviews


Spend time with kind, caring, knowledgeable, professional people

We’re extremely proud of our crew. We often talk about how we’re more of a family than a work team, and it’s true. We’re all here because we share common values and passions, and we come back year after year because we love what we do.

This passion shows and many guests comment that spending time with our crew was a highlight of their day.

We’re a group of friends who will welcome you to Golden and the Kicking Horse. We want to share our home with you and for you to love being on the river as much as we do. We care a lot and you’ll feel that when you’re here.


glacier raft company team posing for a group photo in golden bc

Our team on the last day of the summer 2022

This was a well run trip all around. The staff were very friendly, funny and efficient. Our guide Darren was terrific - one of the best guides we've had for any excursion. Everything was comfortable and fun, and getting back at the end to a roaring fire was wonderful.

Stephan Romano - Google Reviews

The real stars of the day are the staff at Glacier. There is a great synergy among the staff and they gave off a great vibe that sets the stage for a great experience.

Rusty1964 - TripAdvisor


Experience level of the guides

The Kicking Horse is a big river. The white water, technical lines and continuous rapids require a great deal of experience and a specific skill set. Given this, our guides are well trained and have many years of guiding experience. They’ve guided on rivers around the world and bring a high level of expertise to the Kicking Horse.


raft guide and guests waving and smiling at camera while rafting in golden bc

All smiles from our guide Jake and his crew


Their skills don’t go unnoticed. Many of our guests comment on their guide and how much they appreciate their passion and professionalism.

This river was on my bucket list and Jake was an excellent guide. He ran beautiful clean lines to get extra splash and his commands were clear, concise and smooth. I always appreciate the respect guides give the water - to ensure safety is first - stopping to take a look before running sections of the river. Looking forward to doing it again next time!

Anne Benn, Google Reviews

I’ve been to this raft company twice. The guides are very experienced (they’ve travelled all around the world working for different companies) and have a variety of great personalities. Highly recommend!

Jenny L, Google Reviews


Raft the kicking horse river to Create memories

What’s more important than creating happy memories with people you care about? When thinking about our priorities in life, this is always one of the top.

A day of rafting on the Kicking Horse River will tick a lot of boxes. From adventure, smiles, adrenaline and laughter, to scenery, wonder, joy and fun, there will be a lot you want to remember from your day on the water.


big splash going over a raft on the kicking horse river

Splashing through a rapid in the Middle Canyon


Whether it’s marking a special event or planning a day of activity, we’ll do our best to provide you with an experience you want to remember for years to come.

Booked a last minute 1/2 day of rafting and we were NOT disappointed! The entire crew was awesome! This was our second time rafting and it exceeded any expectations! Thank you guys for giving us some awesome summer memories!

Taylor New, Google Reviews

Glacier puts on a great experience! I was on my honeymoon with my wife and it was the highlight of our trip to BC! All their guides were knowledgeable and hilarious.

Ghlawrence, TripAdvisor


One of the best commercial rafting rivers in North America

The Kicking Horse River has a reputation that stretches far and wide, and for all the right reasons. It’s one of the biggest and best commercial rafting rivers in North America.

Big white water, continuous rapids, Canadian Rocky Mountain scenery and a long history of river culture. It all adds up to an unforgettable experience.

Every year we have guests join us from all around the world, and many of them have rafted other rivers. We often hear the experience they have with us makes it to the top of the list - definitely one of the best compliments we can receive.


rafting on a sunny day in golden bc with glacier raft company.


We have white water rafted on several rivers in the United States, and we always enjoy it, but this by far was the most exciting and excellent experience we’ve had. They focus on safety while keeping rafting fun. I highly recommend Glacier Raft Company.

Jessica E, TripAdvisor


While there are many more, these were 10 reasons to raft the Kicking Horse River according to our guests. You can see these reviews and thousands of others left by rafters who have joined us in the past.

If reading the reviews and experiences of past guests has convinced you you're ready to book, you can use this link to reserve your seats today.

If you have any questions please get in touch. Send an email to or leave us a comment below.

Cheers to you from all of us here at Glacier