Every summer we host amazing guests from around the globe for a day of white water rafting on the Kicking Horse River. We love seeing everyone have so much fun and return to our base in Golden, B.C. completely stoked on their day.

We often see people return time after time to relive the adventure and share it with their friends and family.

So what is it that makes Glacier Raft Company so special? And why have our guests ranked Glacier as the best rafting company in Golden B.C. on TripAdvisor for over 7 years straight?

Apparently a lot of things! We've noticed some common themes in the reviews our guests leave (over 1400 of them!), and if you're wondering why you should choose to raft with Glacier Raft Company, have a look at some of the comments we've received from our guests themselves.

a positive customer experience

One of the most common themes throughout the reviews we've received is how much guests loved their whole rafting experience. The Kicking Horse is an amazing river so it's always going to be a good time, but it's the extras that really make the day special.

Extra layers and hot showers, staff who care and friendly encounters, a complimentary beverage to finish the day and a big hot BBQ with lots of options for everyone.

It's the little things that matter for people to enjoy their day from start to finish, and that's what we strive for.

We want every guest to leave feeling like their expectations have been surpassed. We don't want a trip down the Kicking Horse with us to be just an ordinary day of rafting. We want it to be the highlight of your trip, the best rafting experience you've had, or something you'd look forward to doing again and again.

Family river rafting trip in Golden BC

Glacier Raft Company created the most memorable rafting experience of my life. I have rafted on four continents and no company has provided the friendly, familial atmosphere that Glacier provided... All staff were extremely knowledgeable...making this the best adrenaline fuelled day of my life.

jogordito631, TripAdvisor

Lunch break while whitewater rafting in Golden British Columbia


My daughter and I set out on a 5 day road trip filled with activities outside of our comfort zone. Our adventure with the Glacier Raft Company was by far the best! From the minute you show up until after the end of cheers... every single member of the Glacier Rafting team makes you feel at home and part of something special!

audreymcmullen, TripAdvisor

About to get in a helicopter to heli raft in Golden British Columbia

This was my 3rd raft trip and by far the best! The whole crew are very experienced, knowledgeable, hard working and FUN! We had the best time doing the heli trip!!! From the time you check in til you float into Golden, the staff couldn't be more awesome!

Whipper59, TripAdvisor

rafting is a family friendly activity

When you're travelling with kids, especially kids of different ages, we know it can be a bit tricky to find activities to suit everyone.

With age restrictions and different interests, it's not always easy to keep everyone happy.

And actually, this doesn't just apply to kids. If you're travelling with friends and some are really nervous and some aren't, or aging parents who don't want quite as much adventure, you know how it goes.

The great thing about the Kicking Horse River and its three canyons is that there are options for everyone.

It starts with the calm, gentle float and builds into big whitewater, so everyone can start together and then those who want more adventure can just keep going. Our bus will shuttle everyone else back to our comfy base.

We've had families who range in age from 8 - 80 and everyone came back with a smile.

Family participating in child friendly rafting trips in Golden BC

We had three generations (ages 7-62) rafting on the weekend and it was awesome! The staff and our guide were excellent. The lunch was perfect. Loved it and would definitely go back again. The staff worked hard to make sure everyone was happy, safe and having an amazing time.

MomofElmoLover, TripAdvisor

Rafting with Glacier Raft Company on the Kicking Horse River

A great adventure that adults and teens can enjoy together. Very professionally run. Exceptional customer service from start to finish. We loved staying in the lodge right on site the night before. So convenient and cozy.

sher_kris, TripAdvisor

amazing staff makes all the difference

We are so so so fortunate at Glacier to have the outstanding crew we do. Most of our guides return year after year because they love what they do, and their energy positively affects everyone around them.

Their knowledge, passion and expertise can be felt, and guests comment all the time that the guides' enthusiasm made their day that much more enjoyable.

It goes well beyond the guides, though, as our drivers and office staff also genuinely care. They're always smiling, happy to help and will be around to make sure your day runs smoothly.

When people enjoy their jobs it makes all the difference to those around them, and we think you'll love our crew as much as we do.

Rafting the Kicking Horse River with Glacier Raft Company

We had the most fun and exciting day out with the Glacier Raft Company.. the guide took such good care of us making sure the trip was extra fun and making us all laugh. It really felt like he made our whole group connect together whilst ensuring safety as a priority. I'm so pleased I experienced this.

samanthawE2194ES, TripAdvisor

Rafting with Glacier Raft Company on the Kicking Horse River

According to my daughters it was the best trip ever. The guides, the receptionist, the driver, the people who helped prepare the yummy lunch and the photographer - you guys were all great. Never thought rafting is something you can enjoy as a family with young kids...but we were wrong. It was by far the best activity we enjoyed together.

ahmedbilal786, TripAdvisor

commitment to safety

When it comes to whitewater rafting there are risks involved, and that's why safety is always our number one priority.

From the training required of our guides to the river cutoff levels that dictate when we can raft, our safety briefings and demonstrations and minimum age requirements - everything is in place to keep you as safe as possible.

We know safety is important to you and it's just as important to us too!

Girls trip, rafting the Kicking Horse River in Golden B.C.


Really fun day with great people. It was impeccably organized and we felt very welcome, well looked after with the emphasis on fun! We felt extremely safe and in good hands, the guides were very enthusiastic and knowledgable and our guide was a genius at rafting...

Rachel A, Trip Advisor

Front seat in the helicopter before heli rafting the Kicking Horse River

As an experienced adventurer, I was impressed with every aspect of the trip starting with the excellent team, the focus on safety, service and knowledge. We spent the entire day on the river and... always felt safe, secure, well fed. I highly recommend... well done!

get2gord, TripAdvisor


So there you have it! Our guests love the sense of humour and knowledge of our guides, the delicious BBQ lunch, the endless laughs along the way, and our cheers at the end of the trip to commemorate a great day out with friends.

Our whole team works hard to make sure everyone has the experience of a lifetime. That's probably why Glacier Raft Company has been rated #1 on Trip Advisor for so many years!

We couldn't do it without all of our amazing guests, and we can't wait to greet new and old friends in the coming season.

If you want to read more reviews left by past guests (we have over 1400 of them!), you can go to the Glacier Raft Company TripAdvisor Page

Thank you and cheers from all of us here at Glacier

Excited by what you read? See what the guests are talking about by watching our drone video of rafting on the Kicking Horse River. Click HERE to watch

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