Glacier Raft Company now offers a fun, stable way to explore beautiful British Columbia. Our inflatable kayak rentals in Golden give you the freedom and independence to explore on your own, with no guide required.

Whether you want to lazily cruise down the Columbia River, or float with family or friends at Cedar Lake, there are options to suit all preferences. The Kootenay Rockies area is known for its pristine lakes and river, and this is your chance to get out and see them - at whatever pace suits you best!


Inflatable kayak rentals Golden BC from Glacier Raft Co

A relaxing family paddle on the Columbia River - a wonderful summer activity


Many guests also enjoy renting kayaks to explore Emerald Lake or Lake Louise. If you’re thinking of visiting these iconic lakes in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, why not up your experience by actually getting out on the water.

Think of the possibilities for AMAZING photos with no one else around. It’ll be just you and the kayak surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and crystal clear, bright blue, glacial water.

Many people visit Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, but not very many can say they’ve paddled them!


Kayak rentals in the Rocky Mountains of B.C. and Alberta

Rent a kayak in the Rocky Mountains and explore our beautiful alpine lakes and rivers


Everything you need to know about inflatable kayak rentals in Golden, BC

Our inflatable kayak rentals in Golden are much cheaper than getting a boat in Lake Louise or Emerald Lake and you can keep them for longer too.

You have the option for a half day rental (4 hours), full day rental (8 hours) or a multi day rental, as well.

Kayak rentals include one kayak, two paddles, 2 life jackets and a pump.

The great thing about inflatable kayaks is we can roll it up small enough to fit in any trunk. We'll provide you with a pump and they take less than 5 minutes to inflate.

Other gear is available to rent for an additional fee, including wetsuits, neoprene boots, neoprene mitts, splash tops and helmets.

There are many possibilities for kayaking in the Columbia Valley and Kootenay Rockies, and we can help guide you, your family or your group of friends in the right direction.


A kayak tour near Banff Alberta

There are many family friendly kayaking options in and around Golden, B.C.


Here is a quick list of ideas for places to kayak in and around Golden, BC, and we're happy to provide more information on the options when we chat.

Where to Take Your Kayak Rentals

  1. Columbia River (two vehicles required)
  2. Cedar Lake
  3. Mitten Lake
  4. Faeder Lake
  5. Nine Bay Lake
  6. Marion Lake
  7. Kinbasket Lake
  8. Lake Louise
  9. Emerald Lake


For information on up to date pricing, please head to the kayak rental page on our website. You'll find the info you need to rent an inflatable kayak for a full day (8 hours) or half day (4 hours), as well as for multi day rentals.

If you're ready to confirm your inflatable kayak rentals in Golden, BC, you can book a full day or half day rental.



If you’re new to kayaking and don’t want to explore on your own, our evening kayak tour would be perfect for you.

Join one of our experienced guides for a 2 hour paddle through the town of Golden, B.C.

We love the stretch of the Kicking Horse River that flows through Golden. It offers a different perspective of this awesome little town and we wanted a way for you to enjoy it.

Our inflatable kayak tour starts on the glacial fed Kicking Horse and winds its way through the Columbia Wetlands. It’s a beautiful way to spend an evening in the warm afternoon sun.

You’ll pass under the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge, experience two amazing rivers and be surrounded by mountains the entire time.

To check out a video of what our kayak tour looks like, click on the video link below.


Inflatable Kayak Rentals in Golden, BC


There’s no wild whitewater on this one but you will likely experience a splash or two.

It’s all about being on the water, enjoying the afternoon warmth in our beautiful little mountain town.


a group with inflatable kayak rentals paddling in Golden BC

Paddling under the Pedestrian Bridge in Golden, B.C.


The Columbia Wetlands are also one of the largest, intact wetlands in Canada. They provide extremely valuable habitat for 100s of birds, mammals, fish and amphibians. The chance of seeing some of this wildlife is quite good.

Being a calm paddle you do have lots of opportunity to look around. We recommend bringing binoculars if you have them. No binoculars, no problem. Simply taking in the views of the rich forests and mountain peaks is something that will stay in your memory for a long, long time.

Kayak tours runs daily throughout the summer from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. with a minimum of 4 people.

We hope to see you soon and please feel free to share this around with anyone else who might be interested.

Learn more about our kayak tours and rentals in Golden B.C.


A family kayaking on the Kicking Horse River in Golden BC

Paddling down the Kicking Horse, heading towards the Columbia River