Family Reunions in Golden, BC

We know with a group of any size, different people are going to want different things. It takes a lot of planning, but if you're hosting a family reunion in Golden, BC, a river rafting trip is something everyone can enjoy.

Your Aunt Betty wants a gentle float, while cousin Billy wants the biggest and most popular whitewater trip around. Grandpa Jim wants to give heli rafting a go and best friend Becky wants a half day adventure.

Planning a big group can be tricky – we definitely get it!

That’s the great thing about rafting the Kicking Horse River. With the way the river flows, the Kicking Horse starts with the calmest section and works up to the biggest whitewater.

This allows everyone in the group to start together (if they want to), and then those who want a bigger adventure just keep going.

It works really well and families do it all the time. With five trips to choose from we have something for everyone.

Whether you’re coming for a wedding, gathering or family reunion, we’d love to help you make sure everyone is happy and having the best day possible.

If you're not sure where to start, checking out our Trip Selector is a great first step. It'll help narrow down the options

A few more details for your family reunion in golden, bc

* Our discounts start at a group of eight guests. Eight people fill a raft, so this is our little thank you for organizing a boatload. It’s $10.00 off per person for a group of eight and the discounts go up from there.

* Discounts only apply to trips on the Kicking Horse River and conditions apply to trips that heli raft the lower canyon.

* If you qualify for a discount, you only receive the discount if you book and pay as one group. Not if everyone wants to pay individually.



Glacier puts on a great experience! I was on my honeymoon with my wife and it was the highlight of our trip to BC! All of their guides were extremely knowledgeable and hilarious. They made the whole day fun and entertaining

Ghlawrence, Trip Advisor